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SAFS, which has been established to design, manufacture and assemble prefabricated steel space frames, has now reached to a point of designing, manufacturing and assembling any kind of geometrically definable steel structures.

SAFS is committed to advancing the use of space frames by providing architects, engineers, contractors, developers, property owners…and even artists…with the highest quality products and customer service in the industry.

SAFS advantage


We are your partner from idea to installation—working hands-on with you to ensure a seamless build out. In fact, we design, manufacture and fabricate all under one roof.

SAFS gives highest precedence to safety in all the project it undertakes. Standing fastidious about safety, every structural member (tube, cone, bolt, welding) being produced by SAFS, are subjected to tension tests with loads 20% in excess of its design value and the safety of every member is certified.

SAFS is uniquely positioned to take on any project, whether big or small.

SAFS hope


We have an unsurpassed level of resources available and the pursuit of perfection to help make sure we not only meet, but exceed your expectations in all the services we provide.

We understand that every great relationship starts with good communication, which is why here at SAFS we take the time to understand the needs of our customers from the very start.

As part of SAFS, we look forward to servicing your exact needs and taking care of your property as if it was our own, with the level of integrity and pride you deserve!


SAFS gives highest precedence to safety in all the project it undertakes

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  • Our Mission

    SAFS is a world-class provider of creative and effective solutions to the challenging visions of modern architects and construction managers.
  • Our Vision

    SAFS is an excellent provider, in China, of creative and effective modern architectural solutions, recognized by the leading architects and construction managers and his important references in Europe as a step towards globalization.
  • Our Value

    SAFS do business honestly and effectively to achieve the highest quality and Recognition! SAFS demonstrates a positive attitude and teamwork while focusing on creativity and innovation!