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Civic Cultural Centre Pipe Truss Structure Project

Detailed drawing of the truss structure project of the Civic Cultural Center
steel structure
space truss
steel structure
  • Area 27,930㎡
  • Wind load 0.45 KN/㎡
  • Snow load 0.45 KN/㎡
  • Anti-rust treatment Galvanization
  • Wall cladding steel sheet


steel truss structure
  • 80% of production can be finished at factory

  • Easy and fast installation

  • Cost-effective

  • High security

  • Roof and side enclosures can be installed on the ground and lifted successfully once

 Civic Cultural center was a public area to open up to everyone, there are so many people in it everyday. So security is vital for these people to build this center. It must meet a point, it was that everyone have enough time to escape from the center when disaster is coming. And, we can promise that every steel structure space frame accessories inspected by strict process.

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