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4 conditions to be met for the installation of gas station with space frame structure


The gas station space frame structure is a common space structure, and its flexibility is very good. However, if it is not installed in accordance with the regulations, it is likely to cause the collapse or deformation of the space frame structure. Only the safety of construction facilities can guarantee the safety of users. What conditions do you think should be met for the installation of the gas station space frame structure? Next, the engineers of our space frame installation company will answer for you:

  1. The reliability of a gas station with a space framestructure refers to the completion of the reservation within a given time period (design base period) and under normal conditions (normal construction, normal construction, normal use and normal maintenance), generally 50 years The basic capabilities of security, usability, durability and other functions. Obviously, the space frame structure has safety, applicability and durability, which means that the space frame structure has reliability. Therefore, the reliability of the space frame structure is the general term for the safety, applicability and durability of the space frame 
  2. The reliability index of the space frameis called reliability. It is a quantitative description of reliability and represents the degree of reliability. Reliability not only means safety, but also an important part of reliability.
  3. Due to the uncertainty of various factors affecting reliability, such as: changes in load and material properties, incomplete calculation models, and differences in production and installation quality are all random, therefore, scientific reliability measurement methods It is expressed by probability.
  4. In addition to satisfying the reliability requirements for the installation of gas station space framestructure, economy must also be considered. The two are often contradictory. So that the constructed network structure is more economical and reliable, meets different predetermined functional requirements, and has appropriate reliability. It cannot be said that the safety and reliability of the power plant is absolute. However, as long as the failure probability of the space framestructure is small enough to be acceptable, the construction of the space frame structure can be considered reliable.