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Discussion on the design of modern steel structure building


Among the many structures in the building, steel structure and concrete structure are the most critical and important structures, especially steel structure. Modern steel structure in the use of new materials, the stability and safety of the structure has been greatly improved, and the structure is therefore widely welcomed in the construction industry. Modern steel structure and traditional steel structure, not only the safety and stability of the structure has been improved, but also the structural cost is reduced, the mechanization level is improved, the appearance is more beautiful, and the construction procedure is simplified, which makes the steel structure has a greater application space. In addition, the modern steel structure can be recycled, which greatly reduces the consumption of steel materials, which is conducive to the conservation of resources and the construction of a sustainable society. In the case of many advantages, modern steel structure has undoubtedly become the darling of the current construction industry.

The quality of steel structure is not only affected by the quality of steel and new materials, but also depends on the design quality of steel structure. Modern steel structure construction is relatively simple, structural composition and construction methods are also much the same, these characteristics of steel structure determine the importance of steel structure design quality. Safe and stable, high-end novel, suitable for construction projects and economically feasible steel structure design can meet the needs of construction engineering construction. The following are the main features of modern steel structure design:

Because the structural composition of the steel structure building is mainly formed by the connection of various rods, it is inevitable to appear a lot of connection node parts, which are relatively speaking, belong to the structural details. The quality of a steel structure building is reflected in the design and implementation of these detailed structures. Therefore, the better the detailed design of the steel structure building, the higher the quality of the final steel structure building.

In addition to the stability and safety of steel structure, the economy and feasibility of structural construction are also a major focus of steel structure design. If the design cost of nothing is too high, then the scheme has no practical value. In addition, the design of steel structure also needs to refer to the opinions of owners, construction units, construction companies and developers, on the basis of comprehensive their opinions to create individuality and free play, to ensure that the design results meet their requirements, it is best to be a win-win situation.

Although the steel structure has a high melting point, but in the case of high temperature, the steel structure will inevitably have some changes in the chemical properties, so the negative impact of the fire on the steel structure building is far greater than imagined. When the temperature reaches 400 degrees, the strength and load-bearing pressure of the steel structure will be reduced to half of the usual, once the temperature reaches 600 degrees, the internal structure of the steel structure is basically completely destroyed, losing all strength and stiffness. Therefore, in the design of steel structure buildings, it is necessary to take into account the fire situation and carry out fire protection of steel structure. The fire protection of the steel structure can effectively improve the fire resistance of the steel structure, extend the time of the steel structure in the fire, reduce the damage of the fire to the steel structure, and avoid the second crisis of the building caused by the fire. Different from steel structure fire prevention, reinforced concrete fire prevention is relatively simple, its own fire resistance is also better.

Corrosion prevention of steel structure has always been the subject of research in the construction industry. With the increase of building use time, the steel structure will inevitably be exposed to the outside, after wind and rain and other natural force erosion will inevitably occur aging and rust, not only the beauty of the building will be affected, this time the stability and safety of the steel structure will be greatly reduced. In order to solve these problems, a variety of steel structure anticorrosive materials deteriorated structural materials came into being. The application of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and fire corrosion coatings on the surface of steel structure is one of the most common practices in the current steel structure design. In addition, there are also many anti-corrosion and rust measures for steel structure components, generally before the steel structure components leave the factory, anti-rust, anti-corrosion coating and primer and fabric. The current use of anti-corrosion, anti-rust coatings are mostly imported from foreign countries, the cost is higher, I believe that with the improvement of the strength of China’s construction industry, it will produce its own brand of anti-corrosion, anti-rust coatings.

The pollution here refers to noise pollution, light pollution and other pollution that is more common in buildings. Noise pollution, as the name implies, refers to the noise propagation caused by the poor sound insulation effect of the building structure and the poor sound stereo and surrounding effect caused by the unreasonable design of the building structure; Light pollution mainly refers to the unreasonable design of the internal structure of the building, which causes the light to affect the normal life of the residents. In addition, the unreasonable design will also lead to the inability of heat radiation to effectively enter the room. In order to reduce these pollution, in addition to the targeted design of the steel structure, the material properties of the building construction materials must be carefully screened, such as sound absorption, light, fire prevention, corrosion prevention and so on. Sound absorbing structure and sound absorbing building materials are one of the common methods to prevent noise pollution in the design of building structures. The quality of building noise control directly determines the quality of building performance. In order to reduce noise pollution, the corresponding architectural theoretical knowledge and legal provisions are also constantly introduced. The Windows use soundproof glass, the external walls use mixed soundproof materials, such as bricks, concrete, etc., the import and export use soundproof doors, only in this way can the sound insulation effect of the building be fully guaranteed.

With the development of technology and the increase of demand, a variety of new materials have emerged, and new high-efficiency steel is one of them. This steel has many advantages, such as moderate cost is not enough, simple construction, high strength, good endurance, fire resistance and rust, corrosion resistance is high, as a raw material, the mechanical equipment produced by this kind of steel as a raw material also has a high quality. The application of more mature new materials in building construction, the reasonable application of various structures to form new structural forms such as prestressed structures, combined structures, so as to reduce the cost of engineering structures and reduce the consumption of building materials resources, which is one of the major topics that the current construction industry is committed to research. Without theoretical support, it is all empty talk, so it is necessary to use modern information technology and equipment and establish a variety of data models to continuously verify and improve various theories for the design of modern steel structure to provide a theoretical basis. In modern steel structure building types, light steel structure building is more popular, because the structure of the building is not only a simple, cost applicable, but also belongs to the green building, can save resources, reduce pollution and provide a comfortable living environment, in line with the concept of sustainable development, the structure of the building is a major development trend of China’s steel structure building in the future. Steel structure residential building is a branch of residential building, it is steel structure as the skeleton, with a variety of composite materials made of light wall panel and floor assembly. Most of the materials used are standardized, serialized and mass-produced by the factory, and the site can be simply assembled, and the on-site operation of brick, tile, sand and stone is very rare, which is a sign of the modernization of the housing industry.