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Gas station space frame column foot installation problems and solutions


The most used in the construction of gas station is space frame structure, but in the construction process of gas station space frame, the installation of column footing is very important, here SAFS Steel Structure Engineering Ltd. would like to explain to you the problems and solutions of gas station space frame column footing installation:

The first is a problem with the buried parts (anchor bolts): overall or layout deviation; height difference; fasteners without protective measures. The bolt holes in the base plate of the steel column directly lead to misalignment, resulting in insufficient buckle length.

SOLUTION: The gas station space frame builder, in cooperation with the civil engineering builder, will complete the work of the pre-buried parts before the concrete is poured. Check the relevant dimensions and ensure that they are firmly fixed.

Then the anchor bolt is not vertical phenomenon: the frame column column foot base plate level is poor, the anchor bolt is not vertical, and the level of the buried anchor bolt after the foundation construction error is large. After installation, the column is not in a straight line, and east to west, so that the appearance of the house is very ugly, to the installation of steel columns has brought errors, affecting the force of the structure, does not meet the requirements of the construction acceptance specification.

SOLUTION: Anchor bolt installation should adhere to the bottom plate leveling first with the lower end of the adjusting bolt, and then use non-shrinkage mortar for the second grouting of the bottom plate, foreign construction of this method. Therefore, in the anchor bolt construction, can be used out of the bar or angle steel and so on the anchor bolt fixed. Weld into a cage, perfect support, or take other measures to avoid anchor bolt displacement when pouring foundation concrete.

Finally, there were problems with anchor bolt connections: anchor bolts were not tightened, pads were not welded to the base plate, and some anchor bolts did not show 2 to 3 fillets.

SOLUTION: Use welded anchor rods and nuts, thicken the fireproof coating on the outside of chemical anchor bolts and carry out thermal insulation to prevent fire from affecting the anchoring performance, and supplement the foundation settlement observation data.

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