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Introduction to the safety management method of space frame structure construction


The most important thing in the space frame project is safety. Today, SAFS steel structure will introduce you to safety management methods to improve our daily safety:

1.Before the construction of the space frame structure, conduct safety education and training for workers and related safety management personnel, make technical and safety briefings, and strengthen the awareness of safety precautions and their own safety responsibility;

2.People should remind workers to take protective measures when working at heights, such as wearing seat belts and helmets correctly;

3.When the space frame structure is cross-worked, it is necessary to communicate in advance without affecting each other and complete the work in an orderly manner;

4.In the case of bad weather, do not construct if you can, and ensure your own safety;

The above four points are the method of safety management of space frame structure construction. This is also our experience for many years. We hope that both the constructor and the owner can keep in mind the four requirements.Improving safety can also ensure the shortening of the construction period and the reduction of the cost. I believe everyone should understand what I said, and I hope I can help you.