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Notes for Installation of Space Frame Structure


Attention Points in the installation of the space frame structure.

space frame structure Installation should follow the following steps

  1. Technical disclosure (technical disclosure of site conditions, construction environment understanding)
  2. before the space frame construction should promptly provide all technical information about the project, such as a full set of drawings, space frame factory information.
  3. Arrange the living and construction preparation of the workers; such as accommodation, labor insurance supplies, construction tools.
  4. Check the quantity of the goods before installation, check the installation size and the drawing size of the space frame.

  5. Start the step-by-step installation of space frame structure(support to the point, Small Unit Assembly, lifting, closure, forming)

  6. Install, test, repaint.

  7. Pass the inspection and clean up the scene.


SAFS devote to the development of space frame for several years, professional manufacture of space frame for diverse projects such as aircraft hangar, bulk storage, warehouse and skylight roof, etc.

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