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Petrochemical gas station space frame canopy construction program


Brief description of the project and its characteristics

This project steel components are required to factory processing and production, and then transported to the construction site for assembly, so a variety of components must be organized and planned according to the drawings required classification number, packing the foundation of this project for the reinforced concrete static pressure pile independent bearing platform foundation. The structural form is space frame structure. The steel structure production and installation project requires high precision.

Provide more complete programmatic technical documents to guide the construction and management of the project to ensure that the construction tasks of the project are completed in a high-quality, efficient, safe and civilized manner.

Overall construction deployment: implementation objectives, implementation sequence, construction preparation plan, construction organization and management

Implementation goals

In order to give full play to the advantages of the enterprise, scientific organization of construction, we will select and send high-quality project managers and engineering and technical management personnel, according to the project method of construction management, strict implementation of the ISO9001 quality assurance system, careful organization, scientific management, high-quality and efficient completion of the construction task, strict performance of the contract, to ensure that the realization of the quality of the acceptance of the qualified.

construction sequence

The construction sequence of the steel structure part of the project is as follows: sample release → material numbering → cutting → butt-welding assembly → calibration → assembly → welding → weld quality check → painting → sorting and packing according to the components → shipment to the site.

Coordinate and elevation review → steel column lifting → calibration → beam installation → calibration → touch-up paint → intermediate acceptance → roof color steel plate installation → wall aluminum composite panel installation → edging → completion acceptance.

Gas station space frame installation

Schedule of work and progress of works and measures to ensure progress

The basis for the target setting of the construction period:

1. The volume of fabrication and installation works of this steel structure project.
2. Advantages of human resources and construction machinery.
3. Rich experience in fabrication and installation of steel structure project.
4. Reasonable construction technology and construction organization design.

Construction progress plan management is one of the key controls in project construction, it is an important measure to ensure that the construction project is completed on schedule, rationalize the supply of resources, and save project costs. According to the actual situation of the project and the schedule, enter the construction site, which electricians, welders and other special types of work are licensed. In order to ensure quality and improve efficiency, the work team remains relatively stable.

It is a complex systematic project to complete or advance the construction schedule target, SAFS Steel Structure has the ability to achieve the schedule target by virtue of its strong management force, technical talents and experience in construction of many similar, larger and more complicated projects, except for the reasons of force majeure. We will select a project manager who has extensive experience in the construction and management of many similar buildings to undertake this project. Fully staffed with management and technical personnel in all disciplines. Form a strong project leadership team. The project manager will be responsible for the project.

Establishment of oversight mechanisms

SAFS steel structure leaders will organize relevant professionals to supervise and inspect the work of the project department from time to time, conduct surprise supervision and inspection from time to time according to the needs, and assist the project manager to solve the difficult problems on installation. The constructor (foreman) grasps the construction progress arrangement of the operation team, and today’s task must be completed on the same day. This ten-day plan can not be delayed until the next day, must be strictly enforced “three-week rolling plan”.

Construction methods for major divisions and sub-divisions

The following information shall be submitted prior to the shipment of steel components from the factory:

1. Product certificate of conformity.
2. Construction drawings and design documents.
3. Quality certificate and re-examination report of steel and connecting materials, quality certificate or test report of paint.
4. Component shipment list information.

Main technical measures

Welding materials used in this project must be qualified products, quality certificates, open the box to check the flux skin intact, no corrosion of the core condition, welding with the collar, do not use the flux skin off, the core rust, wet electrodes. Welding equipment is in good condition, grounding should be good, often check to make it in good working condition. Welder’s tools are well-equipped, and the operation platform is firmly set up and well protected. Check and clean the bevel before welding, so that the bevel is free of rust, moisture and debris.

Project quality grade and quality assurance measures and quality assurance system

The project technical responsible person participates in the formulation of quality objectives, quality plan and quality control measures determined for this project, and is responsible for supervising the implementation. Assist the project manager, supervise the full-time quality officer, part-time quality officer on each construction team in the construction of various projects on the process operation, construction methods, safety construction supervision and inspection. Must strictly implement the norms, regulations, standards. Strictly check and evaluate the quality of the previous process, the previous process is not qualified, notification of immediate rectification, repeated checks until it meets the quality plan control objectives.

Quality control during construction

Steel structure fabrication and installation project consists of sub-projects, branch projects to the whole unit project, and the construction of the project is accomplished through one process. Therefore, the control of construction quality is from the quality of work process to the quality of sub-projects, the quality of branch projects, the quality of single project system control is from the quality of work process to the quality of sub-projects, the quality of branch projects, the quality of single project system control is also a systematic process from the beginning of the quality control of input raw materials until the completion of the whole process until the quality inspection of the project.

Construction safety and security assurance measures

Safety objectives: no major accidents, eliminating accidents with injuries and forgetfulness, and the rate of minor injuries is less than 1 per thousand.
Principle of safety management: focus on prevention and implement the one-vote veto system for safety issues.
Safety management tools: safety management work must be carried out around the prevention-oriented.

Establishment of civilized construction leading group

Taking the project manager as the center and the civilized construction management group as the management entity, it organizes the civilized construction work of the on-site installation project. Under the leadership of the project manager, the civilized construction management group formulates on-site management measures, organizes and supervises all responsible departments, and carries out civilized construction work in accordance with the predetermined measures.

Civilized construction management measures

The management of civilized construction of this project, the project internal use of the division of blocks, the responsibility of the department package, to the usual assessment, evaluation results as the basis, rewards and penalties for the leverage of the management approach, is the head office of the double standard management team of inspection, evaluation, supervision; third is the Ministry of the project weekly organization of a special inspection by the project manager led by the civilization of the construction management team, according to the above methods and principles of the inspection work.

Civilized construction is a reflection of the quality of a construction team and the importance of safety. Civilized construction is also an integral part of safe production, provide a good construction environment, enhance the physical and mental health of workers. Therefore, to grasp the construction production, must grasp the safety, must grasp the civilized construction.

Measures to manage the appearance of the field

Installation project belongs to the office, warehouse, production field, etc. in accordance with the intention of the General Contractor to allocate set up, so that the production area and living area segregation set up.
Office unified desk and chair, uniformly hanging the project’s rules and regulations, can use flowers and plants bonsai appropriate environmental beautification.
The canteen meets the requirements of double standardized site management regulations.
Warehouses, machines and materials are separated and placed according to flammable and explosive materials, unified shelves and labels are neat and tidy.

On-site hygiene management measures

The offices, warehouses, production yards and other areas belonging to the company have implemented sanitation packages and designated responsible persons to be in charge of them.
Establishment of on-site hand-cleaning system, each construction team in strict accordance with the provisions of the site who is responsible for the construction who is responsible for cleaning.
Formulate on-site health regulations and implement them, and supervise, inspect and assess by civilized construction management group.