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Problems to be noted in the construction of space frame steel structure


As urbanization accelerates, opportunities arise for the development and application of large-span space frame steel structures. However, during the actual processing and construction of these structures, various common issues often arise, including connector deformation, improper material storage, and inadequate implementation of processing drawings. To enhance the quality of processing and construction of space frame steel structures and ensure building safety, this chapter delves into an in-depth analysis of these issues.

Issues to note during construction of space frame steel structures

Connector Deformation:

Throughout the entire process of processing and construction of space frame steel structures, connector components such as bolted joints may experience issues like compression and deformation. To effectively prevent and minimize connector deformation, the following steps should be taken during construction:

1. To prevent deformation during transportation, the transportation company should be instructed to increase support points along the entire length, use wooden shims between components when possible, and securely fasten the outer bundling to minimize vibration and pressure-induced deformations during transit.

2. During loading and unloading, a two-point lifting method should be used, and in the case of exceptionally long components, a spreader bar should be employed with additional lifting points as needed.

3. When stacking components at the construction site, the number of layers should be kept to a minimum, typically not exceeding three layers, while increasing support points as necessary to prevent component compression deformation.

Material Storage for Space Frame Structures:

Preserving space frame steel structure materials, particularly against water damage and theft, is of paramount importance. Space frame components may sometimes need to be stored on-site for a certain duration before installation. Notably, the most vulnerable items to loss are the bolted joints. Losing these components can lead to significant complications during later installation. Therefore, special care should be taken to ensure that space frame materials, especially the bolted joints, are well-preserved on the construction site.

Processing Drawings for Space Frame Structures:

There are two methods to select bolted joints for space frame structures based on the installation drawing:

1. Match the numbered connectors on the space frame steel structure installation drawing with the corresponding numbered bolted joints on-site. This method is suitable for individual selections.

2. If the connector numbers are not easily discernible, a different method is required. This method is used when selecting bolted joints for space frame components. To identify bolted joints, you will need to refer to the construction drawing, which typically includes a classification and labeling process for bolted joints during production.

In addition to connector deformation, improper material storage, and processing drawing issues, unforeseen problems can arise during the processing and construction of space frame steel structures, influenced by external environmental factors or human-related factors. These will be shared with you in subsequent discussions.