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Study on the design method of a complex steel structure


A complex steel structure space frame has a unique shape in architecture, and there are many large span and large cantilever parts in the structure, and the force of the bars is complicated. The structure is wind-sensitive because of its large area and small damping ratio, and its natural vibration period is very close to the excellent period of natural wind. This paper introduces the design of steel space frame structure from three aspects: structure shape finding, numerical wind tunnel and integral finite element analysis of structure, and summarizes the design points of this kind of structure: using reverse gravity load shape finding technology to ensure the rational stress of the space frame bar; In the project phase, the wind load data of the building surface is obtained through numerical wind tunnel simulation, which improves the reliability of finite element calculation. The static analysis, temperature analysis and dynamic analysis of the structure are carried out by using the general finite element software ANSYS. It provides reference for scheme evaluation and further design.