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The difference between light steel structure and heavy steel structure


SAFS Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. will introduce the difference between light steel structure and heavy steel structure. There is no uniform code for determining structures as heavy steel structures and light steel structures. Many experienced planners or project managers often cannot fully explain, but we can consider and use some data to determine:

heavy steel structure

  1. The net weight of the workshop: greater than or equal to 25 tons, it can be regarded as a heavy steel structure;
  2. Steel consumption per square meter: greater than or equal to 50kg/M2, it can be heavy-duty steel structure;
  3. The thickness of the steel plate of the main components is greater than or equal to 10 mm, and the thickness of the light steel structure is less than 10 mm.


Light steel structure workshop is a young and important steel structure system, which is widely used in industrial, agricultural, commercial, service and other general buildings, such as office buildings, villas, storage rooms, stadiums, entertainment and entertainment venues, tourist buildings, low-rise, construction of multi-storey houses, etc. Its main features are as follows:

light steel structure

  1. Light weight, high strength, small footprint and high efficiency;
  2. Automatic, continuous & high-precision production of construction parts, serialization of product specifications, finalization, matching, and accurate size of each piece;
  3. Structural design, detail drawing design, computer simulation installation, factory production, and on-site installation are carried out simultaneously;
  4. Dry construction above the foundation, the interior decoration is in place at one time, after galvanized coating, the appearance is beautiful and anti-corrosion, which is conducive to reducing the cost of enclosure decoration;
  5. Enlarge the column spacing to provide more separation space and increase the building area;
  6. The new type of wall material has a wide range of applications, mostly lighting strips are used, and the ventilation conditions are good;
  7. The indoor pipeline is completely hidden between the wall and the floor, which is flexible in layout and convenient in renovation;
  8. Light steel building materials can be completely recycled and will not be wasted, which is in line with sustainable development strategies.