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The method of compression connection of steel structure engineering in China


As a commonly used building material, steel structure will use many different connection methods in construction. Among them, the compression connection is a common connection method, mainly because this connection method is not only convenient and fast, but also in quality. Stand the test of time. The methods of compression connection of steel structure engineering in China have the following five points:

Steel structure space frame engineering project

  1. Cut the pipeline strictly according to the required length. When the pipe is broken, do not use excessive force to prevent the steel structure from being out of round. After the pipe is cut, the burrs should be removed to avoid cutting the sealing ring;
  2. In order to completely insert the steel structure into the socket of the pipe fitting, be sure to mark the insertion length on the pipe end;
  3. The sealing ring should be correctly installed in the U-shaped groove of the pipe fitting. Insert the pipe into the socket of the fitting and wait to be crimped;
  4. When crimping, the raised part of the steel structure is placed in the groove of the mold, and the jaws are perpendicular to the axis of the pipe;
  5. After the crimping is completed, use a special measuring tool to measure the crimping size.


Today’s technical knowledge of steel structure is introduced here. When steel structure is pressed and connected, it is necessary to do a good job of surface cleaning according to the above operations, and then carry out the overall connection work to ensure the quality, efficiency and service life of the structure.