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What materials are used for space frame engineering


The use of space frame architecture can be seen in many well -known buildings in the world. With the steel materials used in the space frame engineering, many buildings have also been put forward in many buildings. So do you know what materials do you use? Today, SAFS will introduce it to everyone.

Space frame building roof hoisting

  1. The quality of steel structure space frameengineering is affected by multiple factors. The quality choice of steel is one of the very important aspects, which directly affects the length of the usage time. Therefore, the choice of space frame building materials is quite important to avoid buying inferior products.
  2. In the context of the country’s promotion of energy conservation and recycling of materials, space frame structure residential buildings will show the trend of geometric development. Among them, steel plates, hot -rolled H -shaped steel, steel pipes, and cold curved steel are the main products. Products with the strength of the steel with Q355 and Q235 are the choice of users.
  3. The space framestructure is generally composed of roughly the same space frame or smaller size. Often used in the roof structure. The nodes of the plate -type space frames and double -layer shell space frames made of steel are mainly crossboard nodes, welded empty heart ball nodes and bolt ball nodes.


space frame houses are a new type of energy -saving and environmentally friendly building system, known as “green buildings”. Due to the advantages of light weight, high strength, high earthquake resistance, and good use of cycle, it has the advantages of comprehensive use. Because it meets the requirements of the sustainable and healthy development of the national economy, it has huge room for development.