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Discussion on installation and construction technology of building steel structure


Nowadays, the construction of the city is no longer a single plane construction, and it is gradually built in a three-dimensional direction, with more and more high-rise and super high-rise buildings. Compared with other structures, the building steel structure has the advantages of not causing any pollution problems to the environment and convenient operation, so at present, a large number of construction parties choose the construction technology of steel structure in high-rise buildings. The construction of building steel structure only relies on the support of the building just now, the most important thing is to pay attention to the installation and construction technology, Fujian province is a coastal province, meteorological disasters are more frequent, if there is no strengthening the control of installation and construction technology, it will cause security risks in the construction of steel structure and the use of the process, serious if it will cause casualties.
1, the construction of steel structure technical requirements
1.1 Design preparation requirements before construction
Before the design of building steel structure, we should first design the organizational structure of the building. In order to fully plan the construction project, Fujian Province should design the project in line with the local area and correctly select the materials used in the building. Fujian is a southern coastal city with many typhoons, so the application and design of the building steel structure should have the ability to resist typhoons. Before construction, it is necessary to have a clear plan for the ways and means of steel structure construction, and formulate scientific quality standards and acceptance standards. Scientifically determine the selection of construction methods based on relevant construction safety regulations and quality standards, scientifically select steel equipment and building materials used in the construction process, and jointly design and prepare the construction schedule plan by professional designers. Improve the infrastructure requirements of the construction site, ensure the planning of the road, water and electricity facilities in the plant, and debug the equipment.
1.2, the selection of steel requirements
In the use of building steel structure, in order to avoid quality problems during installation and use, it is necessary to scientifically select steel and select high-quality steel for installation. At present, the steel used in the steel structure is mainly Q355 steel and Q235 steel, and the important structural part will use Z15, Z25 and Z35. This requires a reasonable selection of steel during the construction process, when the plastic requirements are not less than 235MPa, low alloy steel or alloy steel must be selected. These steels have excellent welding properties, good forming, excellent welding methods, low alloy steel also has good corrosion resistance. The production of steel must be strictly controlled and inspected, and the positioning line and reference line during installation must be strictly controlled. The structure size should ensure that there is no error between the installation and the actual plan.
1.3 Technical requirements for welding steel
Different welding process forms should be selected according to different steels, and appropriate welding materials and fluxes should be selected. Before the implementation of welding, according to the process requirements, choose the form of the groove, before the groove to remove the oil and rust on the surface of the groove, weldment and electrode, to avoid welding defects. When the welding part is thick, it should be preheated first, in order to prevent welding deformation, the welding side is completed, and the other side is not welded before, it should be welded from the middle to both sides. After welding, the back should be removed, the carbide on the weld surface should be cleaned up until the welding metal is leaked out, and the crack should be prevented. The same weld should be welded multiple times, and the welding should not be completed at once, so as to avoid poor quality in the welding spot. A security hazard has occurred. The quenching plate and the arc starting material should be consistent with the base material, and pay attention to the quenching plate and the arc starting groove are consistent with the main weld when welding. When welding deformation occurs, the steel should be corrected by mechanical correction and heating deformation as soon as possible to avoid the deformation of the steel in the process of use. The appearance of the weld and the quality of the internal weld are very important, and the appearance inspection of the welded part is completed 24 hours after welding, and it is necessary to carry out a more accurate quality inspection. If there are defects such as pores and cracks in the welding position, it is necessary to re-weld. To meet the technical requirements of welding technology for building steel structure to the greatest extent, to achieve the best construction quality.
1.4, steel structure material installation technology quality control
The quality of the steel used in the construction of the building steel structure is related to the safety of the overall building, and the technical quality of the installation of the building steel structure has a decisive impact on the overall construction.

After the completion of the preparation of the steel structure building materials, the model of the steel members should be strictly compared and checked, and the comparison parameters should be summarized in time, and the product information should be checked repeatedly. After the steel lifting is completed, the positioning axis of the steel should be measured, marked, and the control point determined. The steel should be selected and installed reasonably according to the strength and height required by the steel structure of the building. During the installation, the construction party should accept the elevation size and modification data of the steel components to promote the later acceptance management and review project; Adjust the position of the high-strength bolt to ensure that the bolt can pass through [1].
2, building steel structure quality control methods
2.1, attach importance to the quality control of materials used in building steel structure
In the process of installation of building steel structure, there is a good quality control of steel structure materials, which can effectively improve the overall building safety and productivity of steel structure. Most of China’s building construction materials are carbon steel such as Q235 and low alloy steel such as Q355. Before the purchase and use, it is necessary to strictly review the product quality certificate, including the phosphorus content, sulfur content, carbon content, stiffness, yield strength, and tensile strength of the steel structure material. The installation quality control of steel structure materials is mainly divided into the quality control of steel structure foundation engineering, the quality control of steel structure materials production engineering, the quality control of steel structure materials welding, the quality control of steel structure installation; To control the quality of the foundation embedded bolts of steel structure materials, the quality of building structural steel engineering is affected by the quality of anchor bolts; For the quality control of welding materials, the selection of correct welding process methods, welding equipment, welding materials, flux and electrode used in welding meet the requirements of the national standard, the flux should be kept dry, and the welding rod should keep the welding core from rusting and the coating from falling off [2].
2.2. Quality control of rust removal process of building steel structure
In the process of using the building steel structure, attention should be paid to the rust removal of the steel structure parts. Fujian is a rainy area, steel can not avoid the occurrence of rust. Steel rust removal work is often ignored, but for building construction work, if the structural steel members produce rust, it will have a very adverse safety impact on the quality. Iron is easy to interact with water and oxygen in the air, resulting in REDOX reactions, resulting in rust on the surface of steel structures. This may cause changes in the performance of building steel structure materials, affecting the stability of the structure, a long time in the exposed environment is seriously eroded once the continuous occurrence will have an unpredictable impact on the construction quality, so we need to ensure that the structural steel surface according to the relevant construction requirements of clean, smooth, no oil stains, welding residue and other polluting substances. The structural steel surface is cleaned in strict accordance with the construction requirements, and then painted. The thickness of the paint should be constructed according to the requirements of the steel, and the significant places should be clearly marked.
2.3. Pouring control of building steel structure footing
The construction of building steel structure engineering is generally based on reinforced concrete, and the quality of building steel structure engineering is closely related to the data of spacing and height deviation between bolts. In concrete pouring, the nut should be coated with solid butter and then bonded with the screw, and it should be fixed and bound with a binding wire. In concrete pouring, the influence of concrete on the extrusion of the anchor bolt should be reduced to avoid the phenomenon of displacement deviation. During secondary pouring, check measures such as flatness test, vertical bending test and lateral bending inspection should be carried out on the beam body before installation, and the tightening degree of bolts should be checked before installation is qualified. In order to improve the stability of the building steel structure and avoid safety accidents in the construction process, the expansion of concrete is used to cast the second concrete in the top space of the foundation and the column bottom plate.