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8 Factors Affecting the Installation Price of Space Frame Structures


The cost of each space frame project is different, so what factors affect the installation price of the space frame structure?

1. The node form of the space frame structure: The commonly used node forms today are the welded ball space frame and the bolt ball space frame. Generally, the installation cost of the welded ball is higher than that of the bolt ball;

2. Grid size: the larger the grid size, the lower the installation cost of the space frame structure;

3. The number of specifications of space frame components: the more the number of specifications. higher installation costs;

4. Elevation: The higher the elevation, the higher the installation cost of the space frame structure;

5. Site conditions: If the site conditions are good, tower cranes, truck cranes and other hoisting equipment can achieve full coverage of the space frame structure, and the installation cost is generally lower;

6. The complexity of the space frame shape; the more complex the shape of the space frame structure, the higher the installation cost;

7. Span of space frame structure and column bay: Obviously, the larger the span and bay, the higher the installation cost;

8. Construction scheme of space frame structure: the more reasonable the construction scheme, the lower the installation cost;

According to the above 8 factors as a reference, can we reduce the overall budget of the space frame structure project while ensuring the quality? If you have other questions, you can click the dialog box in the lower right corner to communicate with me in real time, SAFS steel structure is with you.