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6 major quality control requirements for space frame structure fabrication plants


In the quality control of the space frame structure, we put forward 6 requirements for the space frame structure fabrication plants to ensure that the applied raw materials are high-quality products, and can give full play to the excellent characteristics of the space frame structure installation, so that the space frame structure engineering foundation The actual effect of construction is stronger.

1. The raw materials arriving at the factory should be strictly and strictly in accordance with the approval of the quality assurance period materials. Appearance. Inspection. Physical properties experiments, and sampling ratio must do the standard provisions.

2. Strictly in accordance with the provisions of the inspection, each production process, the production plant inspectors are required to first inspection, safety inspection and completion inspection, production and manufacturing staff must be the entire process of full inspection, the end of production and processing by professional inspectors final inspection, to ensure that the production and processing of how much specification. Dimensional tolerances, etc. meet the requirements of the regulations.

3. Strictly carry out experiments in accordance with the regulations. Inspection, especially for raw materials, high strength bolts. Arc welding, etc. should carry out the required processing process identification, physical properties testing.

4. After the inspection of each process, the inspector will affix the “Certificate of Conformity of Parts” before allowing the transfer of the sequence.

5. The first inspection should be carried out on the steel purlin production line, and sampling inspection should be carried out on time to ensure that its geometric specifications and appearance quality meet the requirements.

6. Further control the quality of the sample reversion. Actual regulations ensure that sample remakes, revisions, and approvals perform their respective duties, and pre-review units such as manufacturing, quality, and installation are assembled.

Do these 6 points, the quality of our space frame structure project that is certainly more quality, our reputation will be better, so that there will be more customers to cooperate with us.If you happen to have a project that needs space frame for roofing, you can communicate with me through the chat box below, and SAFS Steel Structure will solve your problems.