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More reasons for using space frame structure in municipal building projects


Space frame structure municipal building is a kind of project often used, especially in some meeting hall, city hall or library, cultural center, etc., can see this space frame steel structure, so it has the reason for everyone to love and widely used?

First, this space frame structure can be said to be very fast in the construction of the above, compared to the traditional need to use steel and iron bones and then add masonry cement, and then finally to decorate the ceiling, space frame construction process is much simpler, can save a lot of time to build.

Then, the advantage of space frame structure is that its cost is also very economical, why so many large buildings prefer to use space frame? It is because space frame is not only good and practical, but also very cheap, can save a lot of money, for some tight budget buildings is a very suitable way.

Finally, the aesthetics of the space frame itself is also very good, this kind of frame used in the ceiling, people can directly see the blue sky and white clouds, this is a masonry structure can not achieve a kind of effect, for the use of the above, is also a unique way to present. It is because of this powerful effect that space frames have become a very popular construction method.

This is the reason why more municipal building projects choose space frame structure. SAFS, as a steel structure space frame manufacturer, has professional technology and experience to help you solve the problems that are troubling you now, click on the dialog box at the bottom right for consultation.