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Introduction of steel structure space frame roofing design standards


The steel structure space frame roof design qualification certificate is A design qualification certificate, in the steel structure space frame company design, there are several types of standards must be followed, that can bring the unique space frame engineering construction for the owner. In the space frame company to see, the space frame design choose to basic theory as the basic design method, with sub-project index design relationship formula to achieve the measurement, space frame accessories should be carried out according to the load bearing limit case design.

1. Steel structure space frame company in making space frame design, first should achieve the production process . Building function and type of provisions, and on this basis to ensure that the structure is effective, can be trusted, material savings. Therefore, the structural designer should have a comprehensive grasp of the manufacturing operation process and its building function and the provisions of the modeling art to facilitate and processing technology and engineering architects to agree on a very effective planning scheme.

2. When enterprises do space frame design, they need to take into account the specific considerations of space frame engineering and construction, taking into account the raw material supply and construction conditions, effectively using raw materials to achieve the hardness and reliability and strength of the structure during the whole process of delivery, assembly and application, and at the same time, they also need to meet the fire safety regulations and pay attention to the corrosion resistance regulations of the structure.

3. When selecting and specifying the structural method and cross-section of members, it is necessary to consider from the consideration of enhancing the comprehensive economic benefits of the economic squeeze, and it is not suitable to jeopardize the whole because of the gain or loss of a certain kind of member.

4. Under the design standard, it gradually develops to the perspective of structure stereotyping and standardization of members and joints.

5. Follow the standard of centralized application of raw materials and centralize the application of steel to critical structures.

6. Under the condition of ensuring the safety of the structure, the implementation of more roles, that is, a member can be carried out together with a variety of roles, such as both load-bearing and enclosure effect of the structure or that is the load-bearing members are also stable space framework.

7. The quality standard of the structure should be taken into account at the steel adoption level, (such as bearing conditions, ambient temperature and the surrounding natural environment, etc.) and the elements of raw material supply and production processing.