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Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Structure


The steel structure is composed of steel materials, is one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of steel beam, steel column, steel truss and other components made of section steel and steel plate, which are usually connected by welding seam, bolt or rivet. Because of its lightweight and simple construction, it is widely used in large-scale workshops, stadiums, super-high-rise, and other fields.

1. The weight of steel structure is light

Although the unit weight of steel structure is larger, compared with other building materials, its strength is much higher, so when the load and conditions bear the same, the steel structure is lighter than other structures, easy to transport and install, and can span a larger span.

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2. The plasticity and toughness of steel are good, good plasticity, so that the steel structure generally will not accidentally overload or local overload and sudden fracture failure. Good toughness makes the steel structure more adaptable to dynamic load. These properties of steel provide a sufficient guarantee for the safety and reliability of steel structure.

3. Steel is closer to the homogeneous and ISOTROPIC body. the internal structure of steel is more homogeneous, very close to the homogeneous and ISOTROPIC body, in a certain range of stress is almost completely elastic. These properties are in good agreement with the assumptions in the mechanical calculation, so the calculation results of steel structure are in good agreement with the actual situation.

4.Steel structure is easy to manufacture, easy to use industrial production, construction and installation cycle is short. The steel structure is composed of various profiles and is easy to make. A large number of steel structures are manufactured in Specialized Metal Structure Fabrication Plants; High Accuracy. The components are assembled on the site and connected by bolts, and the structure is light, so the construction is convenient and the construction period is short. In addition, the built steel structure is also easy to dismantle, reinforcement or transform.

5. The sealing of steel structure is good, the airtightness and water tightness of steel structure are good.

6. The heat resistance of steel structure is good, but the fire resistance is bad. Steel is heat-resistant but not high-temperature resistant. As the temperature rises, the strength of the steel structure decreases. When there is radiation around the heat, the temperature of more than 150 degrees, should take shelter measures. If a fire breaks out and the structure reaches a temperature of more than 500 degrees, it could all collapse instantaneously. To improve the fire resistance of steel structures, they are usually encased in concrete or brick.

7. Steel easy to rust should take protective measures, steel in the wet environment, especially in the environment with corrosive medium easy to rust, must brush paint or galvanize, and during the use of regular maintenance.


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