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Steel Material Requirements of Steel Structure Construction


Steel material requirements play a vital role in construction safety, which involves many parts, such as:

Q235B steel pipe, it’s quality in line with the current national standard “carbon structural steel” GB/T700 provisions.

The steel used for load-bearing structure should have the certificate of tensile strength, elongation, yield strength, cold bending test and carbon, sulfur and phosphorus content, while the welding structure should have the certificate of carbon content.

High-strength bolts for space frame are 40Cr heat-treated by quenching and tempering which meet the technical requirements of “alloy structural steel” GB/T3077. The performance grade of 40Cr should be selected according to specifications. M12 ~ M36 high-strength Bolts, strength grade should be selected according to 10.9, M39 ~ M64 high-strength bolts, strength grade should be selected according to 9.8.

The cone head and blanking plate are made of Q235B steel. The quality standard should meet the requirements of GB/T700 of carbon structural steel. The conehead shall be made of forgings and the obliquity shall be less than 40 degrees.

The sleeve adopts Q235B steel forgings, and the quality standard should meet the requirements of GB/T700 for carbon structural steel. When the diameter of high strength Bolt is bigger than M30,#45 steel forgings are used for the sleeve, and the quality standard is in accordance with GB/T699 of high-quality carbon structural steel.

Q235B steel is used for support, bracket and connecting piece.

Ordinary bolts are grade C bolts made of Q235G steel according to the current national standard. The performance grade is grade 4.8.

Roof Dead Load: (Excluding the self-weight of the space frame, which is calculated automatically by the software)

Top Chord: 3.00 KN/m2

bottom chord: 1.00 KN/m2

Live roof load:

Top Chord: 0.50 kn/m2

In the process of manufacture, there are many steel materials requirements, not all listed here, but these are enough to prove the important role of steel materials in the whole building.


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