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The Difference between Steel Structure and Space Frame


First of all, from the connection:

  1. The nodes of the space frame structure are considered to be hinged and are usually connected by bolts.
  2. Steel structure joints shall be regarded as rigid contacts, usually welded.


  1. The steel structure is defined from the steel structure material
  2. The grid is in structural form

    The space frame can be made of steel, aluminum alloy and so on, but the steel space frame is in the majority in practical application

    The steel structure in addition to the steel grid, there are steel frame, steel portal and other forms.

Structurally speaking:

  1. The steel space frame belongs to the space structure system, so the whole force and the space deformation should be considered in the calculation
  2. The Steel Truss is similar to the plane Steel Truss, which belongs to the one-way structure. As long as the strength and stability in the plane are calculated, the stability out of the plane mainly depends on the brace and tie rod.

Through the above introduction, we understand the grid processing and manufacturing of the relevant content. The type of grid, manufacturing technology and so on are different, we should strictly according to their own requirements of the standard selection.



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