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Characteristics of Space Frame Structure


The space frame structure is a spatial structure that is made up of many bars connected by nodes according to a certain grid form. Generally, high-order statically indeterminate structure can bear the concentrated load, dynamic load and asymmetric load, and has the good seismic performance. Widely used in stadiums, theaters, exhibition halls, Waiting Hall, Stadium Stands Awning/bleachers, hangars and other occasions. The space frame structure has the following characteristics

the flat space frame


  1. Large Span. Span can be more than 100 meters;
  2. Standardize. All the components can be mass-produced in the factory, the quality is easy to guarantee;
  3. Because of the interaction between the members of the space frame structure, it has good integrality, large space stiffness and a very stable structure.
  4. Lightweight. The space frame structure transfers the load by the axial force of the member, the material strength is fully utilized, not only saves the steel but also reduces the self-weight. In a good space frame design, the amount of steel used is close to that of reinforced concrete structures under the same conditions, so it can save a lot of concrete, can reduce the weight by 70-80%, compared with ordinary steel structure, can save 20-50% steel material ;
  5. Good earthquake resistance. Because the weight of the space frames is light, the seismic force is small, the steel has good extensibility, can absorb a lot of seismic energy, the space stiffness of space frame is large, the structure is stable and can not collapse, so it has excellent seismic performance;
  6. The Height of the space frame structure is small, Space can be used efficiently.The height-span ratio of common steel structure is 1/8 ~ 1/10, while that of space truss structure is 1/14 ~ 1/20, which can reduce the building height
  7. Build fast. The components of the space grid structure, with the same size and shape, can be produced in batches in factories, and with good quality, high efficiency, and do not complete site space with the civil construction site, so the site workload is small and the construction period is shortened;
  8. Diversified shapes and beautiful appearance/Look great in a variety of ways. It can cover a variety of shapes plane but also can be designed into a variety of body shapes, beautiful shape generous.

DISADVANTAGES: The number of pipes converging on the node is large, and the fabrication and installation are more complicated than the plane structure.


SAFS devote to the development of space frame for several years, professional manufacture of space frame for diverse projects such as aircraft hangar, bulk storage, warehouse and skylight roof, etc.

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