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Classification of High Strength Bolts


There 3 types of high strength bolts:

  1. Friction-type high strength bolts: used to connect steel beams and columns in steel structure, solid abdomen beam connection, the connection of heavy crane beams in industrial plants, braking systems and critical structures subjected to dynamic loads.
  2. Bearing type high strength: can use in the connection of load statically which only has small sliding or indirectly subjected to the sheer force the moving load.
  3. Tensile high strength bolts: when the bolt is pulled, the fatigue strength is low, and under dynamic load, its bearing capacity is not easily more than 0.6P ((P is the allowable shaft force of the bolt). Therefore, it is only suitable for use under static loads, such as the flange butt, T-joint, etc of the compression member.

High-strength bolts are made of high-strength steel, or bolts that require a large preload can be called high-strength bolts. High-strength bolts are used in the connections of bridges, rails, high pressure and ultra-high pressure equipment. In mostly the breakage of these bolts is a brittle fracture. High-strength bolts used in ultra-high-pressure equipment need to be pre-stressed in order to ensure the sealing of the container.



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