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Anti-mold measures for steel structure space frames


With the improvement of construction level, steel structure space frame is gradually popularized and used more and more widely. However, in the environment with high humidity, steel structure space frame is easy to be attacked by mold, which is harmful to it.SAFS Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. introduces a series of anti-mold measures needed to protect steel structure space frame.

Mildew prevention measures for space frame of steel structure

Careful selection of materials

In order to resist mold and mildew, you should choose materials that are better with mold and mildew resistance. Among many materials, stainless steel is better in terms of mold resistance. Stainless steel has high corrosion resistance and can effectively prevent the growth of mold and mildew in a well-lit environment. In addition, in aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, copper and other materials also have a certain ability to resist mold, can be used as a steel structure space frame.

Regular cleaning, maintenance

When using steel space frames, regular cleaning and maintenance is required to prevent long-term accumulation of dirt, water stains and other factors that can trigger the growth of mold and mildew. Neutral cleaners should be used for cleaning, and after the surface moisture dries, wipe gently with a dry cloth to keep the surface dry. If there are grooves and deep pits that tend to harbor dirt, special attention needs to be paid to cleaning. In addition, during the rainy season and summer, when the air is humid, the surface of outdoor materials is prone to condensation and should be wiped regularly.

Enhanced ventilation

Increasing the ventilation rate is one of the important measures to prevent steel structure space frame from moisture and mold. For the area with tight package, poor direct sunlight exposure and heavy air pollution, it is necessary for steel structure space frame manufacturers to reasonably arrange the ventilation device or make professional adjustments to increase the ventilation rate, so as to circulate the indoor and outdoor air and effectively prevent the growth of mold.

Control of environmental humidity

It is very important to control the humidity of the environment when preventing the mold of steel structure space frame. Scientific research has found that the growth of mold requires a certain humidity environment, especially in areas with high humidity, which will accelerate the aging of steel structure space frame and increase the cost of use. Therefore, it is important to store and use the steel space frame under the condition of low humidity in the indoor and outdoor environment, and try to avoid putting it in the humid environment.

Regular renovation, waterproofing

For steel structure space frame, after a certain period of time, aging will occur, which will affect the aesthetics, but will also affect the usability. Therefore, renovation and waterproofing should be carried out regularly. Renovation is aimed at the part with serious surface depletion, while waterproofing is aimed at preventing the steel structure space frame from water intrusion and protection during transportation, storage and use.

In a word, the anti-mold measures of steel structure space frame are similar to the anti-mold in our daily life, such as keeping dry and ventilating, controlling the air humidity and so on, so as to ensure the service life of steel structure space frame and prolong its service life.