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Quality Assurance Measures for Concrete Pouring Construction of Space Frames


When the space frame is poured with concrete, the latitude and longitude meter and level meter should always be set up next to it to detect the deviation of the foot bolt at any time, so as to make timely detection and timely correction. The main measuring instruments are qualified and labeled; strict process handover system and acceptance inspection of hidden works, without the visa of the supervisory engineer, the construction of the next process is not allowed.

Construction Measures of Steel Structure Space Frame

The following quality assurance measures can be taken when performing steel structure space frame concrete placement:

1. Pre-construction preparatory work: ensure that the construction site is neat and orderly, and clean up debris and pollutants. Inspect the formwork to ensure that it is in good condition, and adjust and fix it according to the design requirements.

2. Selection and inspection of concrete raw materials: Select concrete raw materials that meet the design requirements and standards, including cement, aggregate, fine aggregate and additives. Check the raw materials to ensure that their quality meets the requirements.

3. Determination of concrete mix ratio: according to the design requirements and test results, to determine the appropriate concrete mix ratio. Ratio should include water-cement ratio, aggregate ratio and admixture dosage.

4. Control during pouring: Ensure that the concrete is evenly distributed during pouring to avoid slurry, eccentricity and build-up. Vibrate using appropriate vibrating equipment to ensure that the concrete is adequately compacted.

5. Monitoring during pouring: Ensure that the quality of construction meets the design requirements by real-time monitoring of parameters such as concrete temperature, slump and pouring speed during the pouring process.

6. Control of environmental conditions: Control of environmental conditions at the construction site, such as temperature, humidity and wind speed, in order to avoid adverse effects on the construction of concrete pours.

7. Conservation measures: After the concrete has been placed, take appropriate conservation measures, such as covering with wet cloths and spraying with water, to ensure that the strength and durability of the concrete are maximized.

8. Quality inspection and acceptance: Concrete in the construction process is sampled and inspected, including strength, compactness, impermeability and other indicators of testing. Acceptance of qualified concrete, and record relevant data and test results.

9. Construction records and management: Timely recording of key data and quality control measures during the construction process, establishing files and managing them for later reference and review.

10. Quality and skills of construction personnel: Ensure that construction personnel have the relevant professional knowledge and skills to properly understand and implement construction requirements. Provide the necessary training and technical guidance to ensure that construction personnel are familiar with the construction process and operation specifications.

11. Selection and maintenance of equipment and tools: Select appropriate construction equipment and tools and carry out regular inspection and maintenance to ensure their proper operation and use. Use formwork, vibrating equipment and measuring tools that meet the requirements to ensure construction quality and dimensional control.

12. Management and supervision: establish an effective construction management system, clarify the division of responsibilities, and formulate construction plans and safety measures. Strengthen on-site supervision and inspection, discover and correct problems in construction in a timely manner, and ensure that the quality of construction meets the requirements.

13. Quality control documents and reports: Establish a sound quality control document and report system to record important data, quality test results and construction problems and treatment measures during the construction process. Conduct regular quality assessment and analysis to adjust and improve construction measures in time.

14. Safety measures: Ensure safety at the construction site by providing the necessary safety protection facilities and training. Strictly enforce safety rules and regulations to prevent accidents and personal injuries.

15. Reasonable construction process: according to the specific conditions, rationalize the construction process, avoiding too early or too late concrete pouring, in order to ensure the fluidity and working performance of concrete.

These measures provide quality assurance to ensure that the quality of the steel space frame concrete pouring construction process meets the design requirements and relevant standards. At the same time, continuous monitoring and improvement are key to ensure that the quality of construction continues to improve and be enhanced.