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Brief Introduction of Space Frame Structure Gas Station Canopy


With the increasing number of gas stations, the design of the space frame structure gas station canopy can not only meet the functional layout, but also improve the material and form of the structure.

The arrangement of the pillars of the space frame structure canopy is generally divided into single-row pillars and multi-row pillars. If the canopy is a single-row pillar, the distance between the pillars cannot exceed 12 meters, and the distance between the overhangs cannot be greater than 5m. Generally, when the number of pump is between 2 and 3, single-row pillars are adopt; if the canopy is multi-row pillars, the distance between the pillars cannot exceed 20 meters, and the distance between the cantilever can not be greater than 5 meters, the multi-row pillar will be used only when the pump number is 1 or more than 4.

After listening to the SAFS steel structure introduction to the gas station canopy, do you have a better understanding of the advantages of the space frame structure? In fact, you can also go to the case page to see the project pictures which may be helpful to you.