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Preliminary preparations for the construction of the space frame structure installation project


Space frame structure installation is a high-altitude operation, and there is a certain risk. Every time before construction, it is necessary to analyze the rationality of the overall construction plan and make the construction process. The construction plan can avoid damage to the constructor to the greatest extent and ensure the personal of the constructor. safety, Here SAFS introduces the construction process and preparation work before construction.

Construction process:

Construction preparation → setting out positioning → erecting assembly scaffolding → placing adjustable support and lower chord ball → adjusting lower chord ball elevation → assembling lower chord  → assembling middle chord and web member→ assembling upper chord and web member fastening → calibration → painting → acceptance.

Construction preparation:

  1. The installation of the bolted ball joint space frame adopts the high-altitude bulk method of sliding scaffolding platform. The site is required to be tidy, flat and solid. In order to ensure normal construction in the rainy season, the site should have reliable drainage measures.
  2. The civil engineering company should use a level to measure the relative elevation of the space frame embedded plate on the civil engineering support surface and mark it at the corresponding position of the plan drawing, and provide this data map to the engineering supervision and space frame installation engineer.As a basis for installation and retesting and acceptance of each supporting point.The civil engineering unit shall provide a qualified space frame support surface in accordance with the requirements of the grid installation specification.
  3. Before the start of construction, personnel must be organized to survey the site and check whether the axis size and the elevation and plane displacement of the embedded parts meet the design requirements.
  4. Ensure the three links of water and electricity roads, and ensure that the roads where the components are transported in place are unblocked.
  5. Before installation, should be familiar with the drawings, understand the construction process, figure out the node structure, master the construction method, and pay attention to the installation sequence.
  6. The components transported to the site should be stacked at the designated location.
  7. All installation tools and machines should be prepared according to the technical requirements, and the pad irons and welding rods used for installation must be prepared.