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SAFS Large Span Steel Structure Space Frame Company Full Year Summary


SAFS large span steel structure space frame structure company in this article is divided into the following 3 points to summarize: 2021 I want to say to you, to meet the new 2022, the year summary and holiday arrangements. SAFS here to wish friends, happy holidays, pay attention to safety outside!

1.2021 SAFS Steel Engineering Ltd. Would Like To Say To You.

2021 is a busy year, compared to last year our partners increased by more than 3 times, here can say to you, if you also have a project need to use space frame structure, you can directly contact our official website on the right side of whatsapp, there are professional staff to provide you with free project quotes, here or to thank old friends for their support, but also to thank new friends for their trust, I I believe you have more than one cooperation with SAFS, as a Chinese space frame structure manufacturer we have rich installation experience and design technology, to provide you with one-stop private customized engineering projects.

2.2022 Meet The New SAFS.

In 2022, please welcome the new SAFS Steel Space Frame Company, we will recruit more professionals to expand our team and provide full service to our customers, continue to upgrade the quality of space frame structural parts, increase all kinds of quality testing strategies, all employees to conduct monthly technical and safety training and learning, expand the production line and increase the production volume.

3.SAFS Annual Summary And New Year’s Day Holiday Arrangement.

SAFS Steel Space Frame Roof Structure Company expresses its condolences to the colleagues who are still working abroad, facing the holidays still stick to their jobs, this attitude is worth learning from us, this year in the busy we accumulate experience, find problems, solve problems, strengthen management, so that SAFS in the steel structure industry gradually become strong, take the opportunity of tomorrow’s New Year’s Day, SAFS wishes the friends of the project in progress that All the best! The following is the holiday arrangement of SAFS steel structure.













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