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Why is it more appropriate to choose steel structure space frames for large buildings


Speaking of steel structure space frame construction, the most common ones are some large public buildings, such as stadiums, railway stations or shopping malls. Steel structures are widely used. So why do these large-scale public places begin to adopt steel structure space frames?

The most important thing to choose a steel space frame is because of its characteristics. It has the characteristics of high strength, high rigidity and strong ductility. These characteristics make it no problem when used in buildings with larger spaces. Traditional large-space buildings have many limitations. With the advancement of society, most of the steel structure space frames are now used.

Of course, compared with traditional buildings, the overall construction time is shorter. It does not need to take longer, and the investment cost is relatively low, so the steel structure space frame construction has achieved rapid development. Of course, not only buildings with large spaces, but also buildings with small spaces and high appearance requirements, or with some restrictions on construction time and construction costs, can also choose steel structure space frame.