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Causes of Rain Leakage of Color Steel Plate Mesh Frame Steel Structure Workshop


The color steel plate steel structure workshop has the advantages of beautiful appearance, large practical space and low investment, so it has a wide range of applications in my country, such as industrial workshops, production workshops, warehouses, and additional floors. But the fly in the ointment is that in the rainy season, there are many steel structure workshops with color steel metal roofs that leak rain.
There are many reasons for this phenomenon, and the specific analysis is as follows:
1. Unreasonable design: The roof slope is too small, which is easy to cause water collection. The diameter of the sewer pipe is too small, resulting in poor water flow. The waterproof level is not enough, and the difference in rainfall in different regions is not considered.
2. Material aspect: It is very important to choose the metal roof panel type correctly. Good products can eliminate the hidden danger of water leakage to a large extent.
3. Installation does not meet the specifications: The joints are not properly handled. The overlap between the colored boards is not secure and seeps when it rains. The nails from the color board penetrated the rubber mat and penetrated through the gaps in the nails. The sealant at the boundary between the lighting tape and the color board is not enough. The construction workers stepped on it arbitrarily, causing unevenness and rain leakage for a long time.

The most prone to rain leakage in color steel plate steel structure workshops are generally at the joints of the cornice gutter, the upper and lower openings of the windows, the roof lighting belt, the 1.2m edge of the wall, and the gas tower. In addition to the above reasons, there are several details that should be paid attention to:
1. The gutter is too small to cause backflow, or the distance between the downpipes is not enough or the pipe diameter is too small.
2. No plug
3. No water stop tape
4. The lap length of the roof panel is not enough, or the water release measures are not taken
5 Improper use, such as not closing the window on a windy day
6. The quality of the sealant is not good.
7. The deflection of the beam is too large, which meets the requirements of the specification, but does not meet the requirements of use, and is not considered at the same time as the color steel plate.
8. Purlin specifications are too small