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Space Frame Processing Building Characteristics


Buildings processed by space frame are a good form of construction, because the materials used are mainly metal, which have better toughness than other materials. This will not only help enhance the load-bearing capacity of the building itself, but also shorten the construction period. To reduce the difficulty of construction, let’s talk about the characteristics of space frame production buildings.

  1. The components of space frame has good mechanical properties, and its stiffness and overall stability are better than those of general planar structures.


  1. The space frame structure has certain regularity and is convenient for construction. There are alarge number of same form components and nodes in the space frame structure, which brings convenience to factory production and structural installation, ensures the quality of the project, accelerates the installation speed of the construction site, and meets the strict requirements of the construction market on the construction period and project quality.


  1. The space frame structure is multi-directional force. This force mode changes the force state of the plane structure, so that the material can more effectively play the role of the space framestructure as a spatial hinged bar structure. These rods mainly bear axial forces in different directions, and their cross-sectional dimensions are relatively small. These spatially intersecting parts support each other, and the force-bearing parts and the supporting system are organically combined, and high economic effects can be obtained.


  1.  The building has great rigidity and seismic performance because of the overall mechanical properties of all components in the space frame structure.


  1. The space frame structure has so many advantages, including beautiful structure, light and generous, flexible layout. And also, it can meet the building function and modeling requirements, especially for the construction function of large-span, large-pillar net roof. Its superiority is even more prominent.


The use of space frame processing not only saves time, but also reduces the purchase cost of various materials, enhances its carrying capacity, and meets the requirements of different use occasions. For investors, the space frame can not only save investment costs, but also increase subsequent costs income.