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Common forms and construction processes of steel structure engineering


Common forms of steel structure engineering:

Due to the light quality and convenient construction of steel structure projects, it is widely used in large -scale factories, venues, super high -rise and other fields. The following 5 are more common:

  1. Framework. For example, the frame beam and the frame column form a multi -layer framework for high -rise and high -rise civilian and public buildings.
  2. Bent frame. Such as steel roof racks and steel truss, for single -story plant industrial buildings.
  3. Steel frame. Such as steel columns and steel beams for single -story plant industrial buildings.
  4. space frame. Such as steel or concrete columns and standard rods are continuously combined to use it for public buildings.
  5. Other forms. Such as bird’s nest.

Steel structure engineering construction process:

  1. Preparation before construction. The main organization of technical personnel conducts construction design and gives supporting plans, as well as the arrangement of temporary facilities, etc., and do a good job of coordination and communication.
  2. Putting lines. According to the design requirements, compare the drawings with civil engineering units to check the elevation lines and axes to accurately and make records. If you find that the entity does not match the drawings, it should be corrected in time, and the error is reduced as much as possible.
  3. Foundation embedding. Carefully check the size, length, location, etc. of the bolt, and fix the embedded bolts.
  4. Material processing and production. Including processed drawings, samples, processing, welding, rust removal, paint, acceptance and other steps.
  5. Steel structure installation. The installation of the steel structure should conform to the basic axis and basic ground elevation, and the method of hanging in the section. Gover the steel column first, and then hang the steel beam after the correction is fixed.