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Three major issues to consider when contracting steel structures


With the development of society, the main material of modern factory buildings is steel structure. In order to make steel structure engineering more suitable for the development requirements of modern society, SAFS Steel Structure Company reminds everyone to consider the following three issues when contracting steel structures. Steel structure engineering and design steel structure workshop engineering should pay attention to a number of factors to avoid problems in the later stage:

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  1. Big Environment

It is where your steel structure is contracted. Considering the wind resistance performance is related to the bearing capacity of steel beams and columns of steel structure engineering, and the density of bearing capacity, the amount of steel structure raw materials in areas with bad environment and strong wind is naturally larger than that in plain areas.

  1. Bearing

According to the purpose of building the workshop, design the corresponding structural materials, and do not take advantage of the temporary interests to cause subsequent collapse.

  1. Insulation

Fill the steel structure engineering layer with sound insulation materials (usually used by steel color andwich panels), and the sound insulation effect is expressed by the sound intensity difference on both sides of the steel structure engineering layer. The sound insulation effect is related to the density and thickness of the sound insulation material. Prevent rainwater from seeping into the metal roof panel from the outside.

To sum up, the factors that should be considered in designing a steel structure before the construction of a steel structure project are: building area, building height, enclosure structure, door and window design, floor, application, etc. Consideration of engineering safety performance for steel structure engineering construction. This is an essential element, and it is also the requirement of the development of the times for the construction of steel structure engineering. If necessary, you can contact SAFS Steel Structure Company to provide one-stop service for design, production and installation.