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Working conditions of space frame steel structure construction


What are the working conditions of space frame steel structure construction? SAFS steel structure manufacturer will give you a brief introduction.

Application field: suitable for the processing and manufacturing process of engineering building steel frame structure, including the selection of production process, construction lofting, material numbering, laser cutting, correction, forming, edge processing, tube processing, hole making, friction surface processing, top processing , Assembly of components, processing of round steel pipe components and pre-assembly of steel components.


  1. Carry out the detailed drawings of the project construction nodes, which are signed and approved by the original design staff;

  2. Various technical preparations such as construction plan design scheme, engineering construction scheme, and operating procedures have already been prepared;

  3. Various processing technology identification tests and performance tests and raw material procurement plans have been completed;

  4. The key raw materials have entered the factory;

  5. All kinds of industrial equipment have passed the commissioning and acceptance;

  6. All production and manufacturing employees have undergone pre-construction study and training, and obtained relatively qualified entry qualification certificates.