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The main points of the space frame structure on -site installation


The long-span space frame structure is installed at the construction site to summarize the SAFS steel structure as the following four points:

  1. Measure the actual length of the installation board, and compare the measured length and the corresponding board number and board length. If necessary, tailoring operations can be performed, and the feeding is made according to the actual situation when tailoring.
  2. Place the board that is raised to the roof according to the typesetting line. The width of the board should be covered by covering the logo line, and it is advisable to align the starting line. The structure length of the design is discharged at both ends of the board.
  3. After fastening the two ends with fasteners, the second board can be installed accurately. And the installation order is from left to right, from right to left, and then installed from bottom to top.
  4. When installation to the next label sign, you should check whether the board installation is accurate and whether there is a deviation. After the design requirements are met, the board can be comprehensively tightened. For those who do not meet the design requirements, be sure to correct accuracy within the range of the next sign; of course, if you can correct it in this sign section, first adjust the fastener operation. According to this kind of push, comprehensively installation.

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