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The method of installing and using the roof of the space frame structure of the workshop


The emergence of space frame workshops has attracted people’s attention. Its distinctive appearance and shape design highlight the characteristics of people’s imagination of plastic arts. The space frame structure takes into account everyone’s requirements for daily life and the natural environment. It shows a higher indoor space for everyone. Therefore, it is selected by more steel structure engineering construction infrastructure, especially for large and medium-sized workshops. Most use the space frame structure.

space frame automobile industry workshops

According to local conditions, such as lifting method, overall installation method, overall method, etc.; no matter which installation method is used, trial assembly and trial installation must be carried out before the project construction is announced. carry out.

When carrying out the overall plan design of the space frame workshop, the steel structure space frame enterprise should carry out the overall planning of the column network, span, and crane method of the space frame workshop according to the actual application conditions. When clarifying the span of the column net, it is necessary to grasp the production process, industrial equipment layout, number of production lines, crane cargo capacity and application frequency. However, it does not blindly pursue the structure with less steel content, which does not meet the requirements of production, manufacturing and application. Even if the engineering cost of the space frame structure industrial plant is very low, it is also a very large consumption.

The design and planning of industrialized production engineering buildings must fully consider the cost and cost, which is a key management decision for the scale of the enterprise’s profit and operation. The design scheme of industrialized production equipment mostly decides the cost of investment in the second half of the project construction project, and the lack of cost control is a common problem in the scheme design of processing plants. For example, the design of the rational layout of the space frame workshop is unscientific, and the performance parameters of the workshop are not up to standard, resulting in increased maintenance frequency, that is, increased costs. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good steel structure space frame enterprise.