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Create a first-class space frame engineering and space frame processing plant


As the market continues to expand and more and more space frames are required for construction projects, many steel structure enterprises are getting involved in the space frame processing industry. Among them, SAFS Steel Structure Space Frame, as an enterprise specializing in space frame engineering and space frame manufacturing, is constantly striving to improve its product quality and service level, innovate, and create its own unique brand in the market.

SAFS steel structure space frame factory

Introduction of SAFS Steel Structure Space Frame

Space frame manufacturer located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is a company specializing in space frame engineering and space frame manufacturing. The company’s main business includes the processing and manufacturing of various types of space frames and steel products, as well as the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services of space frames. With excellent quality and service, our products have spread all over the country and even all over the world, and we have become a leading company in the space frame manufacturing industry.

Advantages of SAFS steel structure space frame

Advanced processing equipment

SAFS Steel Structure Space Frame has a group of high-performance processing equipments, such as cutting machines, bending machines, welding equipments and so on, which are operated by professional technicians. This advantage makes the efficiency and accuracy of processing and producing space frames greatly improved, ensuring the quality and speed of production.

High-quality raw materials

When choosing raw materials, it must go through a series of strict screening and inspection to ensure the quality and thickness of raw materials, so that the production of space frame products can withstand a variety of harsh environments.

Professional design and manufacturing

With a professional design and manufacturing team, we are able to develop the most reasonable space frame solutions according to customers’ needs, and strictly control every link in the production process to ensure the quality of space frames.

Good after-sales service

In terms of after-sales service, we have always put customers’ needs in the first place, and formulated a comprehensive after-sales service program for customers, which ensures that customers can get good maintenance and service in all aspects of after-sales service, and improves customer satisfaction.

Development Strategy of SAFS Steel Structure Space Frame

Continuous improvement of product quality

In the fierce market competition, always put the quality in the first place, through practice, and constantly improve the quality and reliability of products, and gradually won the trust and praise of customers.

Proactive market development

Taking the market as one of the main strategies for the development of the company, we have expanded the company’s publicity and improved the efficiency of marketing by actively participating in various exhibitions and online promotion.

Team building and technological innovation

Considering talents as valuable resources, focusing on team building and technology innovation, we continuously absorb and cultivate talents to provide strong guarantee for the development of the company.

Development Prospect of SAFS Steel Structure Space Frame

With the continuous expansion of the market, Space Frame Processing as a new type of building material is getting more and more attention and is also widely used. We will continue to play to our strengths, keep plowing deeper and deeper, and strive to become a first-class space frame project and space frame processing factory.

SAFS Steel Structure Space Frame has gained a certain reputation and popularity in the space frame manufacturing industry, and the future development prospect is also very broad. How to be superior in the market competition needs to rely on efforts and innovation. We believe that with our continuous efforts, we can definitely move forward to a higher goal and create a better tomorrow.