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Difference Between Steel Truss and Space Frame


Difference Between Steel Truss and Space Frame


Difference of structure

1. The steel truss structure is similar to plane steel truss, belongs to single way force structure. The top chord is in charge of the stability of the truss. When the width is increased which will enhance the stability of each direction., save the quantity of steel.

2. The space frame is the overall spatial truss structure. The rigidity of the surface is large, can be supported around with multi-point support, belongs to the two-way stress system.

3. Compare to the space frame, the truss structure save the picket of the bottom chord and ball nodes. This means it can match all shape design of construction, especially dome and other arbitrary shapes than space frame structure. From the force bearing point, we can find, when the side ratio is rather than 1.5, it’ll change into single stress from the two-way force. Because of this, mostly construction is rectangular in the plan is single way stress.

(Steel truss)

(Space Frame)



Three Different

1. Different nature: Space truss is a structure made of rods connected with each other by hinges at both ends. Space frame structure is a space structure made of multiple rods connected by nodes according to a certain grid form.

2. Different basic units: The basic units of space frame structure are triangular cone, trigon, square, truncated quadrangle cone, etc. Space truss is a plane or space structure composed of straight rods with triangular units in general, and the space truss rods mainly bear axial tension or pressure.

3. Different design requirements: Space trusses should have conforming rods and good connections, including rivet, pin and weld connections. The rod section of space frame structure structure should be determined according to the strength and stability calculation.

Development history

1. The truss structure is evolved from space frame, with unique advantage and practicability, more economically.

2. The steel structure truss we used to say is (steel) plane construction, need the extra brace system to make it stable. The brake system doesn’t bear the vertical load, it’s a single way stress system.

3. In general, space frame is one of structure in space, with nodes of bolt ball and welding ball.


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