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How Space Frame Manufacturers Can Take the Initiative in the Marketplace


How can a space frame manufacturer take the initiative in the sales market? For a space frame manufacturer, in order to occupy a strong advantage in the market demand, we must work on product performance and service quality in the whole process of long-term business, to build on our strengths and weaknesses, to improve our personal strengths, to enhance the concept of keeping abreast of the times, always keep the vigilance of the market sales, in the company’s market demand for occupation of the big market.

Space frame manufacturer production workshop

At present, many steel frame structure companies attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation. For example, Xuzhou SAFS Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. cooperates with several famous higher education institutions, and uses the advanced four-column hydraulic press technology for structural installation. For advanced and representative new projects, China steel frame structure company has long been slowly improving, for example: large-span indoor space is the new development trend of steel structure space frame development trend, many aspects are still gap. Whether it is a large company or a small company, only improve the product performance in line with the standard specification can cause many opportunities.

At present, in the industry market environment available, the new product development of large-span indoor space steel structure space frame three-dimensional drawing software, installation technicality, production process, the composition of compression steel plate of the new product development in the absence of roof purlin, large-span indoor space steel structure space frame stainless steel casting nodes of the program design, arc welding electric welding and ultrasonic testing is the content of the research of the six research topics.

For the company, enroll in technical research, technical content into the product performance, can improve the company’s competitive advantage, get a lot of product sales and consumers, improve the quality of service, is a prerequisite for obtaining customers and the company’s long-term cooperation.