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How to control the quality of the construction product of the space frame production factory


Preparation before starting the project

The space frame production plant strengthens the review of spherical space frame engineering drawings. Engineering drawings are the basis of engineering projects. Before the construction of the project, the new project control organization must control the staff of the organization to understand the standard standards of construction drawings and new projects, production process standards, and sufficient experience to design intent.

Check the construction plan design plan of the space frame

The construction plan design scheme is a professional document implemented by the construction enterprise in all directions. The sound level of the construction plan design plan can directly affect the quality and progress of engineering projects.

Do a good job of quality control of spherical space frame foundation engineering

Basically, the space frame engineering generally uses the independent column of concrete. Basic concrete and building steel bars, template engineering construction is the same as the construction process and method of other engineering projects, and the bolt of embedded parts in the basic separate column is the key to quality control. The interval between separate bolts and each set of bolts, how much errors, immediately endanger the installation quality of the space frame engineering. In the process of controlling quality control, we stipulate that construction enterprises must be strictly controlled.

Quality control of the main structure of the spherical space frame

Installation quality control of steel prefabricated components. When the column and beam are installed, are the pads under the bottom plate of the key inspection and the bottom plate of the pillar, whether the column is vertical and offset, the vertical of the beam, the side bending of the side, the tightness of the bolt, and the friction surface of the friction surface. After the engineering acceptance is qualified, you can hang it. When the space frame installation generates a fixed module and conducts engineering acceptance. After the acceptance is qualified, the indoor space of the underlying version of the pillar and the basic wall top is stipulated in the secondary pouring density of the cement.

Control of bolt installation quality. The bolt connection in the space frame engineering generally uses high -strength bolts and general bolts. Generally, the bolt should not be padded with two upper cushions at the end of each bolt; the bolt hole should not be drilled with fire welding; after the bolt is tightened, the outer thread should not be less than 2 tooth distances; Installing the area of the stacking of the whole process of the board should be flat, the contact surface must be more than 75%, the gap between the edges must not exceed 0.8mm, and the high -strength bolt should be penetrated at will.

During the entire process of space frame engineering construction control, we must truly give full play to the effects of engineering project control. It is necessary to strictly control the progress during operations. At the same time, technical engineers also need to do a good job in the quality of the product strictly, so as to ensure the construction quality of the space frame engineering.