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Personal operation specifications during the processing of space frame


With the rapid development of socioeconomic and economy and the continuous acceleration of urbanization infrastructure projects, the construction industry can be said to have rapid development, especially the introduction of space frame production and processing steel frame structures has improved new style in the development of construction projects. The construction project of the space frame processing project is widely used in some construction projects with large span, faster construction speed, large indoor space design, and high cost performance.

During the installation of the steel beam in the steel frame structure of the space frame, there are some behaviors that violate the construction safety and safety operation procedures. For example, just inserted the steel beams, but did not choose some preventive measures to form a relatively strong structure system management. Therefore, it is not firm and it is easy to collapse.

It can be seen from the social practice activities of steel structure construction projects that each expressed safety risk is often caused, so it is resolutely eliminated. In addition, there are often inconsistent buildings of similar reinforced reinforced length bolts in the construction process of building construction. The accurate positioning specifications of the bolts have deviated when feeding parts, and errors such as steel beam installation.

During the installation of the space frame structure, the use of more high -wear -resistant bolts is used. The following difficulties are often produced in social practice activities: insufficient bolts or lower than nuts; bolts are not tightened, and red plum heads are twisted. The large hexagonal appearance did not set the initial twist and finally twisting sign; in the actual installation process, the original safety prevention paper of the original surface of the friction surface was not completely torn off.

The high -wear -resistant bolt is used as a temporary fixed use. It does not perform the painting operation process within two days after installation; no postgraduate retesting for torque and loads, and no harsh tightening torque in accordance with the regulations according to regulations. The abuse of the steel frame structure does not conduct harsh tests and calculations; the support rack bolts commonly seen during the installation process are not tightened, or the support frame itself is bent, which causes the surface of the nut and raw materials to be too small, so no method of breaking the hole is implemented.