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Steel structure space frame factory function


The steel structure space frame factory also has many advantages. The key is safety. It is not easy to collapse in the earthquake disaster. Because the main project of the plant is made of steel structure, and the steel structure plant stainless steel plate has very good patience and plasticity, which can reasonably resist the damage caused by earthquake disasters. In addition, the steel structure plant also has very good comfort. Because the wall surface of the steel structure plant is composed of thousands of functional boards, it has a variety of functions such as fire safety, noise reduction, and thermal insulation.

Steel structure space frame factory function:

  1. Anti -earthquake disasters, anti -storms: can resist the eight levels of the earthquake, and can resist the eleven storm (the wind is 140km/clock).
  2. Rust -proof treatment of anti -corruption: The light steel structure is generally used as a fixed -connection framework for hot -dip galvanized steel plates and pyrine -type connecting connections. The anti -rust function is good, the compressive strength is high, the application is long life, does not distort, does not variable, does not erode, and the structure is firm. The design scheme of the steel structure is 50 years.
  3. Fire safety fire prevention: The steel structure system software of light steel structure and traditional construction system software is better, and the fire prevention function is good.
  4. Thermal insulation: The temperature and thermal insulation function further improved, and the environmental protection and energy saving of the house can reach 65%, which exceeds the state’s regulations for environmental protection and energy saving of the house.
  5. Protecting the ecological environment: The construction of the traditional construction system software engineering construction dust and noise pollution are serious, the quality is not easy to control, the energy consumption is high, and the harmful substance consumption is large. There are few wastes, low noise, low noise, and suitable for regional engineering construction with low noise and low noise.
  6. Good thermal insulation: The sound insulation regulations for the construction of the plant can be resolved, and the more standardized construction of the sound insulation and noise reduction regulations for the sound sound insulation and noise reduction.
  7. A large number of application indoor spaces in the steel structure space frame industrial plant: 100 square meters of uniform villa houses can increase the total application area of 8-13 square meters.