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Precautions for high -strength bolt ball space frame connection


Nowadays, the construction of large, medium -sized steel structure projects has already been presented, and will use the bolt ball space framework. The advantages of the bolt ball connection are relatively significant. They are composed of bearing steel balls, high -strength bolts, and tight bolts. They are also composed of sleeves and cones. The actual application is in the spherical space frame mechanism, and it can have the effect of the connection between the prefabricated components. What should I pay attention to during the production process of high -strength bolts?

High -strength bolt ball space frame connection


(1)The surface of the bolt does not meet the regulations, resulting in the bolt that is not easy to install. Or the level of bolt tightening does not meet the formulation regulations.

 Root cause:

  1. There are residues such as rust and oil stains on the surface;
  2. The bolt installation surface is still defective although it is resolved.



  1. The problem of rust, oil stains and bolts on the surface of the high -strength bolt should be cleaned one by one. Before the application, it is necessary to be processed by rust, so that the bolt used for assembly cannot be applied when the assembly is announced. The bolts should be stored and distributed by personnel;
  2. Solving the installation surface should be fully considered the construction and installation order of the project, avoid repeatedly carried out, and solve it before the lifting.


(2)Bolt wire buckle damage, the screw should not rotate the nut at will, and the installation of the bolt is harmful.

Fundamental reason: Silk buckle is more seriously rusty.


  1. The bolt should be carried out before the application of the bolt should be carried out, and the rust -proof treatment should be prepared for pre -mating;
  2. The bolt damage cannot be used for temporary bolt applications, and the screw holes are prohibited;
  3. The bolt components selected in advance should be stored according to the set.


Status of the weld on the spot: quality cannot be guaranteed


The design scheme stipulates that the first or second -level welded seams of the full welding are not selected for the ultrasonic detection; the bearing beam and the column of the floor are not cast; the arc -drawing plate is not selected for welding.

Solution: Before the steel frame structure is welded, check the qualified certificate of the welding wire. The welding strips are used in accordance with the design regulations; welding wires are applied in accordance with the instructions and safety operation regulations, and the surface of the weld should not have cracks and welding scars. One or second -level welds should not have stomachs, welding tumors, and arc pits; welded seams must not have disadvantages such as bite and unpestational thorns; first and second -level welds are carried out in accordance with the requirements. The part should be checked to check the anti -counterfeiting signs of the welder. However, the welded welds cannot be treated by themselves, and the processing processes are set after setting up the processing process. The frequency of welding seams in the same part is not suitable for more than 2 times.