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Design large industrial warehouse steel frame coal storage building

Steel Frame Coal Storage
Steel Frame Coal Storage
  • Dimension L87m* W105m*H36.8m
  • Area 18,273.5㎡
  • Span 168m
  • Node bolt ball node
  • Earthquake proof 8 grade
  • Durable 50 years


Steel frame coal bunker project0
  • 75% of production can be finished at factory

  • Easy and fast installation

  • Low cost and high quality

  • High security

  • Roof and side enclosures can be installed on the ground and lifted successfully once

SAFS steel structure This year’s latest industrial coal storage warehouse is designed and constructed with steel frame, making full use of space advantages and standing out in the industrial construction engineering industry. It is especially suitable for the construction of various large-span industrial warehouses.

For all kinds of factories that need to store coal, the construction of space frame coal storage bunker is the best choice.

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