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Large Span Space Frame Coal Storage Shed

Space frame coal storage construction site
space frame design
coal storage sheds
coal storage sheds
  • Span 88 m
  • Height 25 m
  • Warranty 50 years
  • Foundation height 11 m
  • Wind zone Ⅱ(200 kph)
  • Roof color steel sheet
  • Anti-rust treatment Hot dip galvanization


Large Span Space Frame Coal Storage Shed
  • 80% of production can be finished at factory

  • Easy and fast installation

  • Cost-effective

  • High security

  • Roof and side enclosures can be installed on the ground and lifted successfully once

This project adopted barrel vault space frame, since this kind of structure has lots of advantages, such as cost effective, eco-friendly, light weight, accuracy in Installation. There is a high degree of accuracy in the process of designing and installation of a space frame.

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