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Basis for Determining the Design Height of Space Frame Machining


Space frame processing design is related to factors such as roof load, span, plane shape, supporting conditions and equipment pipelines. When the roof load is large and the span is large, the processing design of the space frame should be selected larger.

When the plane shape is circular, square or close to square, the processing design height of the space frame can be made smaller. When the plane is narrow and long, the one-way force transmission is obvious, and the height should be larger.

The processing design of the point-supported space frame is higher than that of the surrounding support.

Steel structure space frame is currently more popular in the construction of large venues. With its diversified construction pattern, it gives people a visual enjoyment. The processing of space frame improves the use space of the site, saves building materials, and makes people experience The feast of architectural style can be said to be a revolution in building structure and building materials, so what are the characteristics of steel structure space frame engineering?

At present, space frame steel structure buildings have begun to be applied and promoted on a large scale. For example, the current large stadiums, Industrial workshop buildings, theaters, waiting halls, etc. all adopt the design style of space frame steel structure. The combined force of this building has improved Earthquake resistance and compression resistance improve the overall performance of the building.

The space frame is a network structure composed of multiple rods. It is divided into a flat space frame and a curved space frame. Different space frame structures reflect the overall style of the building and are a beautiful landscape of urban construction. It is currently more popular The flat space frame of the project, the overall force of the project is reasonable, the rigidity is large, the shock resistance is good, and the number of rods used is small, which is convenient for industrial production.At the same time, the space frame processing has a large space area, reasonable space force, and high rigidity, which is very suitable for large-scale construction projects.