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Advantages of space frame structure and truss structure


Advantages of space frame structure:

  1. Multi-directional stress-bearing space structure with large span;
  2. High rigidity and stable performance;
  3. The rod mainly bears the axial force, which can make full use of the strength of the material;
  4. High-order super-static stability, high safety;
  5. The structure height is small, not only can effectively use the building space, but also can use smaller rods to build large-span structures;
  6. The types of rods are uniform, suitable for overall hoisting in industrial production and ground assembly.

Advantages of truss structure:

  1. The node mode is simple. The structural shape is simple and smooth, and can be applied to various structural shapes.
  2. High rigidity and good geometric characteristics. The wall thickness of the steel pipe is generally thinner, and the radius of gyration of the section is larger, so the compressive and torsional performance is good.
  3. Simple construction and material saving. The tube truss structure has the advantages of simple construction and material saving because the traditional connecting members are abandoned at the joints, and each member is welded immediately.
  4. It is beneficial for rust prevention, cleaning and maintenance. The steel structure manufacturer said that the contact area between the steel pipe and the air is small, which is convenient for protection. The rods are directly welded at the joints, and there are no blind areas and grooves that are difficult to clean, paint, moisture and a lot of dust, and the maintenance is more convenient. After the overall length and top end are closed, the interior is not easy to rust.
  5. The tube truss structure with circular tube section has good hydrodynamic characteristics. When bearing loads such as wind speed or flowing water, the effect of the load on the circular tube structure is much lower than that of other cross-sectional structures.

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