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Bearing capacity of space truss


Along with the development trend of the construction industry and people’s continuous pursuit of architectural aesthetics, a new type of architectural construction—space truss structure has emerged in due course. The following space truss welding ball manufacturer introduces in detail what are the bearing characteristics of the lower space truss?

space truss

Bearing characteristics of space trusses

In recent years, with the continuous increase in the world’s steel production, space trusses account for an increasing proportion of engineering construction. In the fields of factory buildings, cars, equipment platforms, production lines, logistics warehousing, commercial buildings, stadiums, and museums Exhibition halls, train station, subway entrances, high-rise residential business office buildings, etc. have been widely used.

The material of the cross-section of the tube truss structure is evenly distributed around the central axis, so that the cross-section also has excellent compressive strength, flexural strength, torsional bearing capacity and high bending stiffness, no need for joint plates, and the structure is simple.

Tube truss The truss is composed of metal rods and generally has a plan design or functional partition of triangular control modules. Under the action of loads, truss prefabricated components are mainly responsible for axial tensile strength or compression, so that the tensile strength of the material can be mastered.

Because the space truss is generally symmetrical from the middle to both sides, the tire frame can generally be made in half. After the tire frame is manufactured, continuous proofreading should be done to ensure the accuracy of assembly.

Before the space truss is hoisted, a trial hoisting is required to ensure that the crane is synchronized during normal hoisting. After one truss is hoisted in place, fix it with a galvanized steel wire rope, then hoist the second truss, and after the second truss is in place, install the secondary truss and purlins to ensure the stability of the truss, and proceed with the other trusses in sequence.

space trusses play an important role in construction. We must do a good job in its maintenance so that it can have a longer service life.