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The introduction of the truss structure and the five major advantages


The steel truss structure saves the ball nodes of the vertical component and spherical space frame of the abdominal rod, which can meet the needs of a variety of different building types. Especially the constructing arches and random curves are more advantageous than the space frame. The same directional reliability saves the amount of raw materials. The steel truss structure should be developed under the premise of the space frame. Compared with the space frame, it has unique advantages and applicationability, and the steel volume of structural buildings is also relatively economic. The Space Frame Company pointed out that compared with the traditional tensor (H -shaped steel and I steel) steel pipe truss, the truss structure section raw material is evenly distributed, so that the section has good compressive strength and tensile twist at the same time. The bearing capacity and relatively large bending rigidity, no node board, simple structure.

space truss

What’s more critical is that the appearance of the tube truss structure is beautiful and generous, which is conducive to the shape design and a certain decorative shape. The structure of the tube truss is generally cost -effective, with a large rigidity and a beautiful and generous surface. It is easy to make, assemble, turn around, and hang out; seamless steel tube steel roofs made from cold curved thin -walled steel have a light structure, good bending stiffness, save the advantages of building steel, and can make full use of the strength of the material. Especially for more economic development in the pressure rod and support system controlled by long and fine. House buildings using this structure are basically commercial buildings. This structure has the advantages of beautiful shape design (completion of tablet computers, round arches, random curved), convenient manufacturing assembly, stable structural performance, large roof bending rigidity, and obvious economic development effects.

Five advantages:

  1. The node method is simple. Structural appearance design is simple and smooth, and a variety of structural modeling design can be applied;
  2. Bend a large stiffness and good geometric characteristics. The wall thickness of seamless steel pipes is generally thin, and the minimum turning radius of the section is relatively large, so the anti -pressure and anti -twist resistance is cost -effective;
  3. The construction of the project is simple, saving raw materials. The tube truss structure welded each component because it got rid of the traditional connected prefabricated components at the node. Therefore, it has the advantages of simple engineering construction and saving raw materials;
  4. It is beneficial to rust treatment and cleanup and maintenance. Seamless steel pipes and air touch the area small, which is convenient for safety protection. Welding at each component at the node is not difficult to brush, paint, accumulate moisture in the body, and blind spots and indamations of many dust in the body, which is more convenient to maintain maintenance. After the tube -type prefabricated component is closed at the end of the total length and the top, its internal structure is not easy to rust;
  5. The truss structure of the round steel tube section is good. When undertaking the load effect of wind speed or flowing water, the effect of the bearing capacity on the structure of the round steel pipe is slightly lower than that of the structure of other section methods.

tube truss