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The Difference between Space Frame and Steel Truss


More and more people have known the space frame with the continuous development for the past few years. But there are few people who know the difference between space frame and steel truss, we, Xuzhou SAFS Steel Structure Engineer Co., Ltd. Will lead to understanding the difference.

Due to the continuous growth of steel production, the steel structure is going to continue to be an increasing percentage of the construction by virtue of its own advantages. The steel pipe structure has also made a great breakthrough. The greatest advantage of the steel pipe structure is that it can perfectly combine the functional, sensory, and economic efficiency of the buildings. The steel truss is favored by people for its unique advantages.

The space frame is a spatial junction made of several members connected in a certain grid form. The steel truss is a lattice structure consisting of circular members connected at the ends. It’s wisely used cause the economic advantages, such as exhibition hall, stadium, and other large-scale public buildings. Compared with the space frame, steel truss structure saved the longitudinal members of bottom chord and bolt balls, meet the requirements of various forms of buildings. Especially dome and arbitrary curve shape have more advantages than the space frame.

It’s observed that the mechanical property of the space frame structure when the side length ratio is more than 1.5, the stress characteristic of the space frame structure changes from bi-directional to uni-directional.

Therefore, for most rectangular buildings it’s mainly a uni-directional structure. The steel truss structure is similar to the pane steel truss, belongs to a uni-directional stress structure. However, the stability of the top chord of the original truss due to the increase of the width of it. The stability of the top chord is the same in all directions, saving material consumption. The steel truss is developed on the basis of the space frame structure. Compared with the space frame, the steel truss has its unique advantages and practicality, and its steel consumption is also more economical.